About Earth Savers Energy Services, Inc.

Earth Savers has performed over 1,200 energy efficiency upgrade projects all over the United States from New York to Hawaii.

Nine of the top ten health care companies have chosen Earth Savers as their source of energy efficient lighting products and services. Earth Savers is known for its practical and simple approach to saving money for its customers. Earth Savers teams with manufacturers of the best equipment available to create the finest quality installations with the best results attainable.

Earth Savers techs measure (they do not estimate) energy consumption of existing equipment. After the work is completed they measure the energy consumption of the new or upgraded equipment. As result we can prove and guarantee the prescribed reduction in energy consumption.

We feel that our job is not over until we help you prove that you made the right decision in undertaking an energy efficiency upgrade. We will monitor your utility bills free of charge for the first year of operation and report the results via the Internet in graphic and tabular format, after that you can continue the service if you want to for a nominal charge.

With the high turnover in maintenance departments, our continued availability becomes a very important factor in the proper maintenance and the ultimate success of your energy upgrade project, yet unlike other energy service companies, we do not charge for this service. You will receive a “turnover book” upon completion of your project that details the scope of the work that was performed, contains all applicable manufacturers’ warranties, a list of the spare parts left at your facility, and instructions to obtain help and additional parts. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, Earth Savers offers its own one year limited warranty of parts and labor. After the expiration of the one-year limited warranty we will continue to provide free advice via email and a toll-free telephone number. We also offer necessary replacement products at discount prices.

We can finance the cost of your project offering very favorable terms that are tailored to your specific needs. We are familiar with and will handle all available rebates, grants and funding sources from governments and utilities.
Earth Savers maintains a balance between leading edge technology and practicality. We strive for maximum efficiency and optimal performance. We follow this formula not only in the highest quality, brand name products we choose for your project but also in our own methods of operation. Our Earth Savers system is the fastest and most advanced, efficient and precise operating system in use in our industry. It affords us instant results and communication, and allows us to provide better service to you at a lower cost.