Energy Efficient Industrial Lighting Solutions

Industrial facilities operate long hours and require high, accurate and uniform lighting levels. New fluorescent lamps offer excellent color rendering and high lumen maintenance over life. New electronic ballasts operate at much higher frequencies than obsolete electro-magnetic versions and as the result eliminate flicker and hum, distortion and strobing of other equipment and provide a healthier environment for employees.

Better lighting means better quality control and healthier lighting means increased productivity. There are opportunities for energy savings through conversion of fixtures to energy efficient electronic sources and the installation of occupancy sensors and other controls. Storage racks and idle assembly areas need not have full lighting all the time, and with today’s technology there is no need to sacrifice lighting quality for energy savings. Industrial facilities can have the best lighting at the lowest cost.

Case Study - Northrop Grunman Manufacturing Plant - Dallas, TX

Located in Dallas, the Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems plant is a state of the art facility dedicated to building many of the high tech components used by the US Armed Forces. The facility, which operates 24hour per day and 7 days per week, was searching for ways to lower its overhead cost. Earth Savers proposed a complete lighting retrofit that enabled the facility to reduce operating costs while dramatically improving the overall aesthetics of the plant. Both the quality and amount of light was significantly improved which led to increased productivity and a healthier work place. In order to provide the best solution possible, Earth Savers effectively reduced the amount of energy used by de-lamping fixtures where appropriate. The combination of Magnatek HO series high output ballasts combined with the GE high color rendering SPX, ECO, 4100K T8 lamps allowed Earth Savers to effectively increase the quality of light while reducing the number of lamps used. The scope of work also included installation of occupancy sensors, new exit signs and new compact fluorescent lamps.

Overall, the energy consumption related to lighting was drastically reduced while improving light levels and quality. Northrop Grumman was also able to take advantage of the Texas Electric Efficient Markets rebate program, which provides monetary incentives for companies to reduce their energy consumption through technology.


Annual Energy Savings 
Annual Maintenance Savings $6,325
Total Annual Savings $69,692.76
Project Cost $123,714.32
Less: Utility Company Rebate $34,230.97
Net Project Cost $89,483.35
Payback of Investment  15.48 Months

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