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White Paper: Use of UVC lighting in COVID-19 disinfection

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Use of UVC Lighting in COVID-19 Disinfection The COVID-19 global pandemic has prompted scientists to research protective measures for keeping society safe. One of those studies is on the use of UVC radiation as an innovative method for disinfecting surfaces, air, and liquids in healthcare settings. According to the FDA, “Given the current outbreak

White Paper: Special Considerations in Hospital Lighting Upgrades

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LED lighting and Control Upgrades in Hospitals In the healthcare setting, there is lighting in the interior, exterior and parking areas of the facility. Surrounded by lighting, it is important to take advantage of the possible savings in hospitals by replacing the existing lighting with efficient LED. LED lighting and control upgrades lower energy

White Paper: Use of Atrius Assets and Navigation in COVID-19 contact tracing

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WHERE IS MY VENTILATOR? WHY DID THIS TAKE SO LONG? HOW CAN WE TURN 10 BEDS INTO 20? These questions, and so many more, can all be answered through real-time location services (RTLS) you can rely on. Location awareness allows you to continuously improve ROI, by optimizing patient throughput, workforce management and asset utilization,