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Transforming Facilities with LED Solutions

With over 30 years of expertise, we have pioneered energy efficiency and sustainability transformation for over 5,000 hospitals and businesses across the United States. Our portfolio, rich with diverse projects, showcases our unwavering commitment to quality and our proven track record of delivering substantial energy savings.

Our clients have seen between 50% to 70% reduction in lighting energy costs. These statistics and highlights, featured in our detailed project case studies, underscore our unmatched ability to meet and exceed expectations.

The Urgent Shift to LED: Navigating the Fluorescent Ban

As we face the ban on fluorescent lighting, the urgency for facilities to transition to LED lighting becomes paramount. Earth Savers is uniquely positioned to lead the essential shift, and we ensure facilities act swiftly to avoid potential disruptions caused by the ban. 

Our history within the lighting industry is a testament to our capacity for adaptation and innovation as we guide our partners through significant changes with confidence and strategic insight.

Discover Our Impact

Explore our past project case studies. Each study provides an in-depth look at the challenges faced, solutions implemented, and outcomes achieved. These real-world examples offer valuable insights and testify to what we can accomplish together.

Keep the fluorescent ban from catching your facility off guard. With Earth Savers, your team can transition smoothly and efficiently to a brighter, more sustainable future. Explore the information to see the difference we can make today to begin your path to compliance, innovation, and substantial energy savings.

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