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Explore Our Specialized LED Lighting Solutions

At Earth Savers, we are dedicated to providing top-tier LED lighting solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse sectors. Our advanced lighting technology ensures superior efficiency, sustainability, and operational excellence across all settings. Discover how our specialized solutions can transform your space:
  • Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting: Enhance the efficiency and safety of your commercial or industrial spaces with our robust LED lighting solutions. From warehouses and manufacturing facilities to retail environments, our products are designed to reduce costs and improve functionality. Explore our commercial and industrial lighting solutions.
  • LED Lighting for Healthcare Facilities: Specialized lighting is crucial in healthcare settings not only for operational efficiency but also for patient comfort and safety. Our LED lighting options cater to the strict requirements of healthcare environments, supporting infection control and providing energy-efficient illumination that aids in patient recovery and staff productivity. Learn more about our healthcare facility lighting solutions.
Leverage our expertise to find the LED lighting solution that best fits your sector’s specific requirements. We have a comprehensive and frequently updated section of commonly asked questions that you may find helpful.

Interior LED lighting

Interior LED lighting and control upgrades range in cost from $1.00/s.f. to $3.00/s.f. – balancing cost, energy savings, maintenance savings, aesthetics, and performance.

Interior LED Lighting

Exterior LED lighting

Exterior LED lighting upgrades are best accomplished with new fixtures from reputable manufacturers. Local lighting ordinances may come into play and a site photometric study may be necessary to provide optimum coverage. When properly adapted to a site, LED fixtures can greatly improve aesthetics and safety, eliminate maintenance expense and generate substantial energy savings.

Wireless Controls

In recent years, the melding of wifi, Bluetooth and RF communication has created very reliable and inexpensive methods of lighting control. It is now possible and affordable to install a comprehensive lighting control system as part of a lighting retrofit project – all without installing wiring or breaking the ceiling plane. The most complex centralized control projects can be completed without interrupting facility operations, necessitating expensive infection control, or other protective measures.

Internet of Things and Smart Lighting

The opportunity to create an Internet of Things (IOT) as part of an LED lighting upgrade project is the most exciting development in the lighting world since the LED itself. Location/positioning and asset tracking plus hundreds of other customizable applications are possible. Using the multi-purpose hardwired communication devices installed in lighting fixtures and control devices as part of a LED lighting upgrade is the most efficient, reliable and least expensive way to create an IOT platform in a facility.

Transitioning to LED Lighting and Controls: A Sustainable Solution for Modern Buildings

LED lighting and controls are not merely an improvement but a forward-looking and eco-friendly solution for contemporary buildings. As the world’s attention turns to energy efficiency, installing LED lighting and controls is not just a trend but a requirement. At Earth Savers, we specialize in cutting-edge LED lighting and controls that reduce energy consumption while increasing cost savings.

Our comprehensive LED retrofit services cater to various commercial, industrial, and healthcare sectors. By transitioning to LED lighting and controls, these establishments can reduce their lighting energy usage by 50% to 70%, leading to substantial cost savings over time. Moreover, LEDs offer a longer lifespan than traditional lighting solutions, significantly reducing maintenance costs and waste.

LED lighting and controls also provide many benefits over traditional lighting options. One of the biggest advantages is their durability, which minimizes maintenance demands and environmental impact. Moreover, upgrading to LED lighting and controls is a proactive step towards meeting regulatory standards, with many states phasing out inefficient fluorescent lighting. This confidence in compliance is a key benefit of adopting LED technology.

At Earth Savers, we are dedicated to providing tailored LED lighting and control solutions that meet your organization’s specific needs and make you feel valued and understood. Whether you aim to enhance the lighting quality of your premises or reduce your ecological footprint, our team is here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a seamless transition to a brighter, more sustainable future.

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