St. Joseph’s Medical Center: Interior LED Retrofit with Fixture-Integrated Dimming Sensors

Stockton, CA

Stockton, California

CommonSpirit Health, the 2nd largest hospital system in the United States, hired Earth Savers to retrofit St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton, California. This medical facility was one of the several lighting retrofit projects that Earth Savers completed for the hospital system. The energy savings produced by this project were substantial because of the size of St. Joseph’s. (430,000 Square Feet)

The existing troffer lighting fixtures throughout the medical center were retrofit with programmable LED troffer fixtures. The integrated dimming sensors built into these LED fixtures were programmed to illuminate the fixture when a nurse station, office, patient room or utility room becomes occupied, and dim once it becomes unoccupied. The CFL lamps that lit the patient restrooms, elevators, closets, and cabinets were retrofit with LED plug-in lamps that delivered a uniform lighting experience. After completion, St. Joseph’s Medical Center reduced their annual energy consumption by over 40%, for an annual energy savings of 1,987,801 kWh or $481,832 per year.

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St. Joseph’s Medical Center (Healthcare sector)


Interior LED Retrofit with Fixture-Integrated Dimming Sensors


Earth Savers Energy Services, Inc.



Healthcare Facility Before UpgradesHealthcare Facility with Upgraded Lights
Office Scene Before New LightsOffice Scene after LED Lights

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