3M: LED Lamp & Troffer Kit Retrofit

Irvine, CA

Irvine, CA

3M is one of the largest product manufacturing companies, known for their array of business and consumer products designed to improve daily life. Earth Savers was contracted to retrofit existing lighting fixtures with energy saving LED technology at one of 3M’s manufacturing plants, located in Irvine, California.

Existing lamps were retrofitted with LED tube lamps with amber sleeve covers to protect the lamp in case of accidental breakage or failure. Next, LED retrofit troffer kits were installed in place of existing 2×2 ft. and 2×4 ft. lighting fixtures, pictured below, to create a higher quality lighting experience. As a result of their lighting update, 3M will see an estimated annual savings of 565,437 kWh

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3M (Industrial Sector)


LED Lamp & Troffer Kit Retrofit


Earth Savers Energy Services, Inc.


LED Lights During InstallLED Lights After Install

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