Public Storage To Upgrade Lighting in Facilities Across the USA

Lighting and Controls

The American international self-storage company Public Storage is the largest brand of self-storage services in the United States. To increase energy savings at their many self-storage locations, Public Storage has rehired Earth Savers to upgrade the existing lighting of their facilities. These facilities will receive a lighting upgrade in the interior areas such as hallways, offices, utility rooms and storage rooms. Public Storage chose to rehire Earth Savers’ certified installers to upgrade their lighting systems after having upgraded many of these same locations in recent years. Advances in LED lighting technology come quick, which is why Public Storage is taking advantage of the opportunity to increase beneficial energy savings with a new set of LED light fixtures paired with occupancy on-off sensors. Public Storage will see increased savings due to reduced energy consumption and decreased maintenance costs offered by LED fixtures, while increasing lighting quality and aesthetic at their many locations. Contact us to learn more. 

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