Download Your Copy of The Ultimate Guide: Navigating Legislation Banning Fluorescent Lighting & Upgrading to LED in 2024

Download the guide to receive expert insights on the latest fluorescent bans by state and how to take action. Use the below additional resources for upgrading to LED lighting.

Additional Resources

Reduce Operating Costs & Increase Energy Efficiency for Your Business

Earth Savers partners with regional facilities and energy and sustainability leaders of national organizations to deliver turnkey LED lighting upgrades and control solutions. Browse our past projects to see the impact customers have experienced and learn how you can also reduce operating costs and increase energy efficiency for your business.

Reduce Annual Energy Consumption by 40% like St. Joseph’s Medical Center

CommonSpirit Health, the 2nd largest hospital system hired Earth Savers for an interior LED retrofit project that included fixture-integrated dimming sensors for St. Joseph’s Medical Center, a location of 430,000 square feet.

See How 3M Will See An Estimated Annual Savings of 565,437 kWh

3M is one of the largest product manufacturing companies. Earth Savers was contracted to retrofit existing lighting fixtures with energy saving LED technology at one of 3M’s manufacturing plants.

LED Light Corridor at Facility

Save $344,717 in Energy Costs like Saint Francis Memorial Hospital

Saint Francis hospital, open since 1905, has received many renovations; the latest being a complete interior LED upgrade by Earth Savers. The project included installing integrated dimming sensors for modernized control.

Interior Hospital Lighting

White Paper: Special Considerations in Hospital Lighting Upgrades

In the healthcare setting, there is lighting in the interior, exterior and parking areas of the facility. Understand the cost, savings, and jobsite safety and crew requirements to consider when upgrading to LED.