Navigating Fluorescent Lighting Bans & Preparing Your Building

Earth Savers Ultimate Guide 2024 & 2025 Fluorescent Bans: Preparing Your Building

Download the ultimate guide to understand the legislation banning fluorescent lighting, the timeline for effecting your replacement supply and how to prepare your buildings.

Prepare for fluorescent lighting to become unavailable to purchase for your building

Several states have passed legislation banning fluorescent lighting, with more to follow. Meaning facility and building managers will no longer be able to purchase fluorescent lighting for their buildings. 

Download the guide to prepare your building and receive essential insights on:

  • Current laws passed by state
  • How they impact you
  • When the bans go into effect
  • Advantages of upgrading to LEDs
  • The best process to transition to LEDs


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Our expertise

The guide contains expert recommendations from the Earth Savers Energy Services team. In business for over 30 years and trusted by 3000+ hospitals and commercial businesses for their exceptional LED lighting retrofit services, contact us for questions about your lighting retrofit project.