The Ultimate Guide: Navigating Legislation Banning Fluorescent Lighting & Upgrading to LED in 2024

Prepare your facilities for the fluorescent lighting phaseout.

Fluorescent lighting is being phased out meaning you will soon not be able to access replacement bulbs for your facilities.

Download the guide to receive all the details on current legislation banning fluorescent lighting by state, including the timeline for when fluorescent lighting will be phased out, and guidance on the best path forward to upgrade to LEDs.

Inside the Guide

Know What the Fluorescent Bans Mean For You

With more U.S. states banning fluorescent lighting and federal legislation on the horizon, organizations are faced with the stress of evaluating if they should continue to purchase what fluorescent replacement bulbs they can or upgrade to LED now to future-proof their facilities. This guide compiled by the Earth Savers experts is purposed to help regional directors and sustainability leaders like you navigate this change and make it easier to start building your plan to upgrade to LED lighting.

Legislation Banning Fluorescent Lighting

State By State Legislation Details Banning Fluorescent Lighting

Get all the details on the legislation for California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Oregon. Understand what it means for you, the timeline for phaseout, and get an update on the states expected to take action next.

Facility Lighting

Advantages of Upgrading to LED Lighting & Stories of Real Impact

Beyond legislation, understand the case for LED and the benefits of upgrading such as cost savings, energy efficiency, and low heat emission. Read about companies that made the upgrade and the impact on savings experienced.

Warehouse Lighting

The Next Best Steps for Transitioning to LED Lighting for Your Facilities

Use the steps laid about by the Earth Savers experts to create your plan for upgrading your facilities to LED lighting from auditing current infrastructure to bringing in the right project team, to preparations and implementation.

Factory Lighting

Get ahead of lighting replacement supply needs & start planning your LED upgrade.

Depending on the state, fluorescent lighting is either already banned or will be phased out soon. 2024 is the time to take action for auditing your facilities and planning what replacements and LED upgrades are needed. Download the guide to understand the legislation and build your plan.

Interested in an LED lighting upgrade project?

Managing a lighting upgrade project for multiple facilities is complex. It takes time, and a great deal of expertise to ensure that the right team is gathered, the right products are installed, and regulations and best practices are followed.

Taking this on alone can be stressful, overwhelming, and take up bandwidth from your day-to-day role. When you work with the Earth Savers team, you can have the whole project managed and executed for you, so you can continue driving impact for the business in your daily role and oversee the project, without having to do the heavy lifting. Contact us to start a conversation about your lighting upgrade project needs.