5 Surprising Ways LED Smart Lighting Transforms Businesses and Organizations

5 Ways Workplaces Benefit From LED Smart Lighting Upgrades

Workplaces everywhere are changing for the better, and lighting plays a surprisingly pivotal role. LED smart lighting upgrades are at the forefront of this evolution — especially for businesses and organizations. That’s because they can boost productivity, foster healthier workplaces, and lead to more sustainable environments, among other powerful benefits. 

Earth Savers guides teams through upgrades and retrofits to LED lighting systems for commercial and healthcare facilities. Our clients love the difference in how their workplace feels after upgrading from fluorescent lights to smart LED systems. 

In this post, we’ll share 5 benefits of upgrading facilities to smart lights that often surprise our clients.

5 Ways Workplaces Benefit From LED Smart Lighting Upgrades

Let’s delve into five essential ways smart lighting can elevate your workplace:

Benefit 1:  Productivity and Well-Being 

Smart lighting upgrades go far beyond simple illumination. LEDs can help to improve workplace morale and wellness. Its programming can mimic natural daylight patterns and gradually adjust color temperature and intensity throughout the day. 

This dynamic lighting option helps people sleep better and improves their overall well-being so they feel energized and do their best work. Employees who feel good perform better, and that’s a win for everyone involved.

Real-world example

The U.S. Navy retrofitted its flicker-prone fluorescent surface ship lighting to LEDs. After installing hundreds of thousands of LED lights over the course of several years, they discovered that crew members were more alert and productive than before the upgrades.

Benefit 2: Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings 

One of the most compelling advantages of smart lighting is its potential for significant energy savings. For example, Chandler Regional Medical Hospital saves an annual 1.8 million kWh or $330,000+ in energy costs after working with Earth Savers to retrofit its facilities with smart LED systems

However, it may not be immediately clear how these systems add efficiency and save costs over time besides having bulbs that last longer and use less energy to operate. 

Often-overlooked sustainability features

  • With occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting technology, lights are only on when you need them. 
  • Automated dimming and scheduling further optimize energy use for substantially lower electricity bills. 
  • Some systems provide insights into energy consumption patterns that uncover optimization opportunities.
  • Since these systems last longer than incandescent and fluorescent ones, they produce less waste and require fewer raw materials over time. 

Benefit 3: Improved Space Utilization and Flexibility 

Smart lighting systems seamlessly integrate with your workplace layout and usage patterns. They can direct employees to available workspaces, conference rooms, or break areas, optimizing space utilization. 

Adjustable LED lighting scenes allow you to transform spaces for various purposes — bright and focused for collaborative work or relaxed and subdued for informal meetings. This flexibility maximizes your workplace’s functionality.

Real-World Example

A 2018 study evaluated advanced LED lighting controls in commercial settings. Researchers uncovered team logistical benefits like conference room scheduling and equipment tracking by analyzing system data.

Benefit 4: Data-Driven Insights and Optimization

Smart lighting generates a wealth of data about workplace usage. The data can reveal occupancy patterns, peak usage times, and underutilized areas, which helps make informed decisions about space allocation and energy management. 

Integrating these insights into building management systems further enhances energy conservation and operational efficiency.

Real-world example

A Pacific Northwest National Laboratory study found that advanced lighting controls could lead to significant energy savings by tuning light levels and optimizing occupancy controls.

The study found that smart systems are most likely to be cost-effective in open offices in which occupants engage in different tasks due to the system’s ability to sense occupants and tune light levels.

“Without the benefit of lighting controls, many of our tenants found the LEDs to be just too bright,” noted Frank Campagna, energy project manager of the GSA Greater Southwest Region, in the report. “Once we tuned the new fixtures, people were much happier.”

Benefit 5: Aesthetics and Branding 

Smart lighting isn’t just about function — it’s about form too. 

Customizable colors and dynamic lighting effects can create a unique atmosphere that aligns with your company’s brand and culture. These systems can create dynamic lighting effects, such as color-changing displays, which can enhance the visual appeal of a space and create a memorable experience for visitors. 

Branding enhancement example

Imagine welcoming clients into a reception area illuminated in your brand’s signature color or using lighting to enhance your office’s aesthetic during special events. Smart lighting allows you to make a distinct statement.

The Future is Bright with Earth Savers

LED smart lighting upgrades represent a fundamental shift in workplace thinking. By leaning on technology, you can create a more productive, comfortable, and sustainable environment for your employees. It’s an investment that pays off in terms of employee satisfaction, energy savings, and a more dynamic and inviting workspace. 

If you haven’t explored smart lighting yet, now is the time to brighten your workplace’s future.

Why Choose Earth Savers? 

Earth Savers helps commercial and healthcare facilities achieve a more sustainable and productive future with innovative LED and smart lighting solutions. Our comprehensive approach ensures maximum ROI, reduced energy costs, improved workplace productivity and safety, and demonstrated environmental responsibility.

Strategic Lighting Master Planning

Develop a roadmap that aligns with your financial and sustainability goals.

Data-Driven Lighting Solutions

Utilize cutting-edge analytics to identify impactful upgrades and track performance over time.

Turnkey Implementation

We manage everything from design and installation to ongoing maintenance and optimization so you can focus on your core priorities.

Clear Financial Modeling

Understand the immediate and long-term ROI of your lighting projects with transparent reporting.

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